Tuesday, October 11, 2016

League of Learners 2016-17 first meeting

Events, dates, and descriptions

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Activities:
1. Teacher Adobe Training- one morning (7:15-7:45) each month, students will train teachers on Adobe Creative Cloud products, including PhotoShop, InDesign, Animate (Flash), and Premier. Dates TBA.
2. Faculty Senate Training- 10 Best Content Apps for the Academic High School Classroom, during 2 hour early release for Faculty Senate on 12/9
3. Computer Science Ed Week- 12/9, before school students bring in cans of food to block a teachers doorway, any blocked class will be "canned" and instead of going to that class students will come to our digital literacy and citizenship workshops. This year the workshops will be improved to be more interactive and skills based.
3. Piper Workshop- students interested in learning programming for the Pipers for a video by the state dept of education can workshop with us after school from 3:30-5 or 6 on Friday 10/21 and from 10:00-2 or 4 on Saturday 10/22.
4. NASA rocketry workshop- date TBA, trip to NASA during school
5. FES Training- we have invited our educational partner, Flemington Elementary School to come participate in workshops at our location for Piper, MinecraftEDU, and game designing. Date TBA.
6. Parent training- parents from all schools in county are invited to attend a workshop on Microsoft Office 365, ESRB game ratings, and social media. Date TBA.

1. Charity Wreath Raffle- students are raffling tickets for 1$ each to win handmade holiday wreaths. Proceeds will help us provide food for local residents during the holidays, angel tree gifts, and items for the animal shelters during the holiday season. Drawing will be help on 12/9.
2. Trick or treat your teacher- during lunch periods on 10/26, 10/27, and 10/28 students will sell tickets to trick or treat their teachers on Halloween. 1$ treat- send a sweet treat and a thoughtful card to your favorite teacher, $1 trick- one toilet paper streamer on your teachers doorway, $3 trick- students will dance mob through a class of your choosing to the Spooky Scary Skeletons song.
3. Halloween Event- 10/28, we are hosting a Halloween party. Entry is $10 per person, which includes 2 slices of pizza and a drink as well as entry to all tournaments. Door prizes every hour. The club is hosting several gaming tournaments and viewing specially selected anime.
4. Popcorn Sale- students are selling special popcorn from the Popcorn Factory in time for holiday delivery!
5. School Store- selling school clothing and supplies, suckers, and meat sticks during specialized times throughout the day
6. Sponsor Seeking- students are seeking sponsors from neighbors and businesses in the area. Different levels of sponsorship may be selected. Special sponsors will get their names on our club shirts this year, and many other incentives. Closing date for sponsors will be before Thanksgiving Break.

21st Century Subcultural Activities:
1. Anime of the month- My Hero Academia vol. 1
2. Manga of the month- 7 Deadly Sins
3. Star Wars- club trip to evening premier, date TBA

Upcoming Meetings:
1. After school from 3:30-4:30- 10/25, 11/9, 11/29
2. AA- 10/19 then every other Wednesday after that

Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Official Meeting of 2015-2016, Highlights

1. ROBOTS have arrived!  We've built three (pics to come soon!)
2. Re-Su-Me, will be planned for competitions next year (FBLA. Tim and Bridon)
3. Celebrating Star Wars Day at NASA on May 4th with Rockets!
4. Next unofficial meeting:  Valley Worlds of Fun, May 6th @ 5:00, Seniors and Juniors only
5. Anime Monday, May 2:  Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, and Sakumoto Desu Ga ($2.00, from 3:15-6:15)
6. Tournament Tuesday, May 3:  Minecraft Skyblock Hardcore Survival, $3.00, 3:30-5:30 (Win a $20 STEAM card!)
7. Friday 13th EOY Party
  - Members plus 1
  - Entry fee:  Potluck Item
  - 3:30-8:00. 5/13/16
  - Win $100 of prizes
  - Smash Tournament (Prize Winning)
  - Mortal Combat X  (Prize Winning)
  - Minecraft Tournament  (Prize Winning)
  - Magic The Gathering  (Prize Winning)
  - Board Games!
  - Karaoke!
  - Dance Dance!
  - Anime!
8. Officer Interviews:  4/26/16
9.  LOL Club Goals Review
  - 1. Met Expectations
  - 2. Met Expectations
  - 3. Met Expectations
  - 4. Needs Improvement
  - 5. Met Expectations
  - 6. Met Expectations
10. To-Do List for 2016-2017
  - Door Block Day:  Charge Laptops, make sure wifi is working!, "spice up" topics
  - Teacher/Parent Trainings
  - FES Days (Twice)
  - POPCon, offer car pooling?
  - Anime Mondays
  - Start Manga of the Month Book Club!!
  - Reach out to other counties for video game tournaments
  - FBLA - Do competitions through FBLA as well!
  - SkillsUSA
  - Robotics (with NASA!)
  - NASA trips for Robots and Rockets
  - Hardware training
11. Open House
  - 1. Club Promotions
  - 2. Robots

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Teaching Technology Tuesday

League of Learners (!) went to Flemington Elementary School on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 to teach technology!!

40 students from the Business Department of Grafton High School (League of Learners and TC Business Services) each partnered with about two students (about 80 elementary kids in all), and rotated around three technology workshops!

LEGO WEDO robotics

Little Bits circuits

Scratch (animation through coding)

This experience was unforgettable.  Students of all ages learned so much from this experience, and we are excited to go back next year and do it all again!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meeting Key Points 3/28/16

  1.  FES Trip 
    1. April 5, 2016 from 11:45-3:00
    2. LOL is going to Flemington Elementary School to promote Digital Literacy in our community.  40 LOL students will participate, be partnered with 80 elementary students, and rotate around three workshops:  Little Bits circuit board building, LEGO Robotics, and Scratch coding animation.
  2. Student Success Summit
    1. FREE!
    2. July 27-28th
    3. Morgantown Waterfront
    4. Information at this link:  http://cfwvconnect.com/student-success-summit/
    5. Register at this link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-student-success-summit-registration-20698329260
  3. Robotics Equipment
    1. $3000 in LEGO Mindstorms
    2. $1200 in VEX 
  4. Rocketry Date
    1.  NASA in Fairmont, WV
    2. May 4th, 2016
  5. DC Date
    1. May 6th, 2016
    2. National Air and Space Museum
    3. $30 per student
  6. Fundraising
    1. We need money.
    2. You make us money, you get classcraft points.
    3. May 2nd Anime Monday
    4. May 3rd Minecraft Tuesday
  7. End of the Year Party
    1. Friday 13th, 2016
    2. 3:30-8:00
    3. Unofficial Tournaments
    4. $5ish to attend
    5. Cool Stuff
  8. SkillsUSA Competitions
    1. T-Shirt, Pin Design, Web Page
    2. Camp Dawson
    3. April 15-16th
  9. Next Meeting
    1. April 19th, 2016

LOL Goes to NASA!!

NASA was a BLAST!!!

Our students arrived early in the morning, not know what to expect, not having any previous robotics experience, and never having been to NASA. Jaime Ford at NASA IV&V gave a very enthusiastic and exciting introduction. Who knew that the NASA division in West Virginia, right out our back door basically, is responsible for compiling all the programming and debugging and maintaining all the software for NASA missions, and has had their hand in all the major missions for quite a long time! On top of that, we learned that WV has won World Championships in Robotics competitions the past two years and this year's competition is coming up soon! Coming from this rural area, it's not common to think in terms of occupations this technical being this close to home. It was inspiring.

 So, moving ahead to the fun! ROBOTS!! Check out the video footage from the day!


At first, we were debriefed on the software program to automate the robots. The students caught on very fast, and were largely familiar with this type of programming. Move blocks, input, output, etc were familiar to them and they took the lesson in leaps and bounds. Some students had to reassemble robots, some students had to repeatedly rework their equations, and some students designed "robotic kill mode" instantly. There was a lot of rich mathematical discussion between the partners, a lot of brainstorming, and a very inspiring set of programs created that day. Before lunch, a guest speaker and NASA engineer came to talk with the students and share his story. The conversation really picked up when the topic went to the Mission to Mars. He allowed the students to share their ideas and solutions to the problems he posed. He would then take them through the logistics of their ideas and solutions, either offering reasons for not carrying through or the possibility that something like that may just be the answer NASA is looking for. Having our students be taken so seriously by someone like a NASA engineer was altogether inspiring.

The level of participation by these students was remarkable and the scientific and mathematical experiences that day were profound. After lunch, the goal was to assist NASA in assembling some of NASA's own robots. However, they were still awaiting shipment of certain critical equipment. So, then, we played with robots again! This time, we kicked it in high gear with ultrasound, touch sensors, and color sensing devices, and some feisty robot fight modes. They were controlling robotic arms to throw balls, and grab at each other's robots. Creating their own missions and motives for their robots, and following through with the programming.

 It was beautiful, and SO MUCH FUN! I am SO proud of the behavior and effort this group made during the workshop. Finally, I'm happy to announce that we have been invited back this semester for an explosive workshop in Rocketry!! Lookin' at you NASA, MAY 2016!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb 23, 2016 Meeting

Minutes from Feb 23, 2016 Meeting

  1. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer- roughly have about $500 currently
    2. Secretary- Minutes approved from last officer meeting
    3. Web Master- 1700 page views!!
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Digital Literacy
      1. Little Bits
        1. Flemington Elementary School Partnership
        2. Beginning Circuit Building Activities/Workshop
        3. Date:  TBA, March (?)
        4. More info:  
      2. NASA Robotics
        1. March 16, 2016
        2. Field Trip Permission Forms available now!
        3. Robotics Student Workshop and Robotics Assembly
        4. Students 16 or older need to present photo IDs to enter NASA facility
      3. Other
        1. Xcode:  Mac Released Xcode for Apple App Development for Macs, iPads and iPhones!
    2. Digital Citizenship
    3. SkillsUSA
      1. Competitions/Competitors
        1. Web Page:  Tim, Connor
        2. Pin Design:  Bridon
        3. T-Shirt Design:  Kirsten
      2. Dues due March 7
      3. Competition fees $160 per contestant
    4. Subculture
    5. Community Service
    6. Fundraising
      1. Sponsor-Seeking,  each student needs to get 5 sponsors.  Forms available from Ms Devine
      2. Anime Monday
        1. Date/Time:  TBA
        2. Fee:  $2
        3. Attack on Titan 
        4. One Punch Man
        5. Food Sales available during showing
      3. March Tourney
        1. Mario Kart
        2. Date:  TBA
        3. 3:30-5:00
        4. Ms Devine's Room
        5. $3.00 Entry
        6. Prize:  Mystery Item Box!
      4. Pop Sales
        1. People need to bring in pop or we can't sell pop...
      5. That's My Pan
        1. with FBLA
        2. Each person needs to sell 1 item, passing around the order form
  3. Other
    1. DC
      1. National Air and Space Museum
      2. May 2016
      3. We want to go!
      4. We need money though
    2. Hardware
      1. We researched components and are ready to present hardware workshops
    3. TIS Monies
      1. Interested in ordering hardware for student workshops to teach other students in the school about hardware!!
    4. TIS Student Credential?
      1. Need to come up with a checklist/rubric/system for credentializing students at the state level to certify them in TIS related things

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1/5/2016 Meeting Review

  1. Fundraising
    1. FIFA
      1. 1/12/15 3:30-5:30
      2. Prizes:  FunkoPop Doll
      3. Entry Fee:  $3
      4. Location:  Devine's Room (TC8)
      5. Equipment
        1. Consoles and Controllers
          1. Shawn
          2. Ash
          3. Josh R
          4. Tim
        2. FIFA Games for XBox360
          1. Will 13, 14, 15
          2. Josh/Haley will secure one more copy
    2. Madden
      1. 1/19/15 3:30-5:30
      2. Prizes:  FunkoPop Doll
      3. Entry Fee:  $3.00
      4. Location:  Devine's Room (TC8)
      5. Equipment
        1. Consoles and Controllers
          1. Shawn
          2. Ash
          3. Josh R
          4. Tim
        2. Madden Games for XBox360
          1. Bobby
          2. Haley
          3. Shawn
          4. Connor
    3.  Drink Sale
      1. Do it.
      2. Bring in pop.
      3. Sell it to teachers in their fridge.
      4. Take out money from the fridge daily.
    4. Technology Basket Raffle @ Open House
      1. Open House Event
        1. To Be Decided
        2. Hour of Code?
        3. Social Media?
        4. Microsoft 365?
        5. Cyberbullying
      2. Free Hardware Tech
        1. ??
      3. Basket Raffle
        1. Systems/Consoles
        2. TVs
        3. iPads
      4. Technology Involvement
        1. Handouts
        2. Sales Everywhere
  2. Community Service
    1. Too many cans, they need to go
    2. Bread of Life Mission
      1. Devine will call
      2. Hopefully they will pick up!
    3. We did good on CS so far this year.
  3. SkillsUSA
    1. Every other Friday, after school
    2. Beginning this Friday, Jan 8th
    3. Workshopping/Practice for SkillsUSA Competitions

Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Premiere


21 people attended the event with LOL, great turn out, great movie, great night, great people, great, great, great...

No spoilers here, but enjoy this pic from www.starwars.com !!